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About GateJak

The makers of the GateJak would like to thank you for your interest in our product. The idea came about when some Team members spent a significant sum of money on a nice fence for their three horses. The fence looked great but in a relatively short time the gates began to detract from the overall look as they began to droop. This was especially true with the gates that were opened and closed more frequently as this shifting of weight accelerated the issue. When they searched for a solution to the real problem, which was the ground giving way at the base of the post, they could not find a remedy in the marketplace.

Play Video about GateJak
Short Product Intro and Install (2:18)
Play Video about GateJak
Full Product Demo and Install (5:12)

So out of necessity the GateJak was born with two important prerequisites:

  • We would make the best quality product we possibly could.
  • The GateJak would be made in the USA or not made at all.

We are proud to say we have delivered on both of these goals and now GateJak and PlumbWedge are available to both homeowners and the fence industry trade.

Support your fence investment and save labor time and costs.

Buy the GateJak!

Wholesale pricing available to the Trade.

Your purchase of a GateJak supports hundreds of workers throughout the United States and their families.

Thank you for choosing GateJak!

GateJak-Made In USA

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